Tuesday, 10 May 2016

so i thought i would update my blog here because i know i been off but you guys have to excuse me i am dealing with my suffering of my grandpa and right now we are sorting out his flat , which taking time - but i keep my self update on jonnafromthenorth.blogspot.com - which is an detective blog inspire
blog inspired by 2011, and everyone i met there - brighton wore a really
creative place for me when it comes to writing !

Friday, 29 April 2016

I left my heart in : Singapore ?

True colors

such an beautiful day in a lovely country with wonderful food , environment and music scene …

an pleasure to be there and met every nice and helpful people in Toronto 2014

Thursday, 28 April 2016


well , i thought i would talk a bit about about being shy and social award as an epileptic .

its not like i wanna be outgoing and be able to talk to people but i only do that with guys

i feel comfortable with #GEORGE2011 . This by the way , has not always been my personality

i got diagnosed and i have noticed like i am open up more around a half year but sadly i had to go

back to sweden then , also it doesn't help that i am a finn an we are known for be socially awkward

until we get drunk and of course i don't drink - so i am just awkward - " sarcastically voice " great ! anyway , after my trip to England , i am more open and have found more self respect and do not let people walk over me because i know my worth now and i guess this year is so important because i learned about my health and gain acceptance , but i would like to think - potentially friends ?

- i have very hard to figure out who is a friend or who's not lol

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Independent Women, Pt. I

so i though i wore gonna talk about why the year 2011 is so important to me

and i always comes back to that when i writing . It was here in Brighton

i finally learned what it meant to rely on myself which wore a great feeling !

all my upbringing , i basically i been pampered because i got condition

and yes , i do admit i hella cool to get spoiled like that but for the sake of

learning about how i will handle my sickness and be accepted for the girl

i am , i noticed i had to challenge my condition and it was about the most

frightful i ever done because - i was getting out of a comfort zone which

i wore completely fine with before Brighon#2011 but after that experience

i knew i wanted more from life and decide to make the best of it …

Next best thing ???

i though i would let in a little secret past 2 years because with my condition , well you never know ?

but , basically its time to go on a one of these inspirational journey - soul searching within …

yeah , i know - i live the thug life #lol , No there is really nothing to complain on if everything will

work out in my favor because then this will be my world tour 2.0 and i feel so fortunate to be able sharing

my memories on the road with you ( really i would like to take all the people i met at #George but  apparently i cant do that haha , so i guess this is the next best thing ???

palma , spain - 2013

What It's Like To Be In A Wheelchair