Tuesday, 10 May 2016

so i thought i would update my blog here because i know i been off but you guys have to excuse me i am dealing with my suffering of my grandpa and right now we are sorting out his flat , which taking time - but i keep my self update on jonnafromthenorth.blogspot.com - which is an detective blog inspire
blog inspired by 2011, and everyone i met there - brighton wore a really
creative place for me when it comes to writing !

Friday, 29 April 2016

I left my heart in : Singapore ?

True colors

such an beautiful day in a lovely country with wonderful food , environment and music scene …

an pleasure to be there and met every nice and helpful people in Toronto 2014

Thursday, 28 April 2016


well , i thought i would talk a bit about about being shy and social award as an epileptic .

its not like i wanna be outgoing and be able to talk to people but i only do that with guys

i feel comfortable with #GEORGE2011 . This by the way , has not always been my personality

i got diagnosed and i have noticed like i am open up more around a half year but sadly i had to go

back to sweden then , also it doesn't help that i am a finn an we are known for be socially awkward

until we get drunk and of course i don't drink - so i am just awkward - " sarcastically voice " great ! anyway , after my trip to England , i am more open and have found more self respect and do not let people walk over me because i know my worth now and i guess this year is so important because i learned about my health and gain acceptance , but i would like to think - potentially friends ?

- i have very hard to figure out who is a friend or who's not lol

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Independent Women, Pt. I

so i though i wore gonna talk about why the year 2011 is so important to me

and i always comes back to that when i writing . It was here in Brighton

i finally learned what it meant to rely on myself which wore a great feeling !

all my upbringing , i basically i been pampered because i got condition

and yes , i do admit i hella cool to get spoiled like that but for the sake of

learning about how i will handle my sickness and be accepted for the girl

i am , i noticed i had to challenge my condition and it was about the most

frightful i ever done because - i was getting out of a comfort zone which

i wore completely fine with before Brighon#2011 but after that experience

i knew i wanted more from life and decide to make the best of it …

Next best thing ???

i though i would let in a little secret past 2 years because with my condition , well you never know ?

but , basically its time to go on a one of these inspirational journey - soul searching within …

yeah , i know - i live the thug life #lol , No there is really nothing to complain on if everything will

work out in my favor because then this will be my world tour 2.0 and i feel so fortunate to be able sharing

my memories on the road with you ( really i would like to take all the people i met at #George but  apparently i cant do that haha , so i guess this is the next best thing ???

palma , spain - 2013

What It's Like To Be In A Wheelchair

Home is where the heart is

so i thought i would describe my home life and situation , after being part time in wheel chair and having an condition that makes that you not fit for work - stated by the government , therefor i got
time to travel but more about that later ….

so my i live together with my home for many reasons but mostly because if some would happened to me , my mom would be able to prevent the fit or call for an ambulance - but also you save money - to all the trips i want to go . Because it is just us to we got an mutual agreement between us , at home in Sweden its her that buying the food while on the travels i do buy it because i tend to be a big spender when it comes holiday ( as you might notice on my travel pictures lol )

but i actually have lived in different accommodations when i study , like in Brighton at a Host family which wore awesome because you got to knew a little bit about their traditions , when i wore studying writing on Gotland and in a castle which basically wore my first time from home …

but i thought i wore gonna talk about how i am getting around in my wheelchair which is pretty damn hard because of all edges by the door , you do two things : a : either get stopped by the door or, b : get scrapping up your hands when you trying to get through .

The most irritate thing is when people don't handicap accessible their houses but i get is not the first thing you think of when you buy one but would you change it so become baby accessible and not handicap , but i really hope you guys do after reading this because maybe its not you that gonna get an
in a wheel chair ( but lets face it , we all are - in the future - i am just here now and sharing some of my tips about decorating ) if its true that home is where the heart it , please don't discriminate us in wheel chair - make us feel just as a welcome as babies !

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Singapore sightseeing

so this is two you tubers that ( one of them wore in Harry Potter )

basically bot of them have live with different conditions and its really fun to follow them !

This time , one girl is in singapore and which i thought i wore gonna publish

because you see tons of what i saw in singapore , check it out !

My favorite countries ( outside europe )

i love the nightlife in Ibiza . If my mood chould been described as a city
it would probably be that one because of the nightlife , people and kindness
But as i formally declared my love for Brighton , i would also say i am half a brit
( they adopted my sentimental heart lol ) - except this part !

Yeah . Just begun to went over every places i been in my head and there is something
i love with country , less or more but here are a few that i hold dear to my heart :

- singapore , asia : it wore so exotic to be in a place where there wore growing plants
like everywhere

- Dubai . the culture wore amazing and all the actives was so different .

Rio , Brazil -  breathtaking , specially Copacabana !

Monday, 25 April 2016

Bed rest

igloo village in finland 2013 

as you might know i got this seizure 
which basically make me lay in bed rest 
let me tell you all 
its not an picknick
laying in the bed and doing nothing 
its one of the most annoying thing ever 
to lay in your bed 
when you got a lot of things you want to do 
one thing is good with 
carefully culated 
i count that it only takes amount an week for me 
to get relative well again 
one time 
when i wore little 
i had to lay in  bed rest for a month 
that wasn't fun 


here some typical things that i make my day go around
( when i am in bed rest )

- blogging , obviously but that is what i do everyday so that is nothing new lol
- trying to get some rest
-look through my social medias sites i am follow
- i also found different applications which i play when i have nothing to do  

winter wonderland

winter is one of the season that effect me really hard 
because that my muscles begin to shake like a leaf 
but i would never let something like that stop me ! 
Just because i live with this obstacles 
it doesn't mean that i don't gonna be able to go to 
places i ever experiences … 

is all about the right clothes 
handicap accessible 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bloggers Gonna Blog

so i thought i gonna to talk about my way to deal with my conditions : 

being label sick got a tendency to leave you quite isolated sometimes 
but i find myself keeping me occupied with different project 
like writing my stories 

if you , got an sickness i will assure you that if you finding a hobby you feel passionated about 
like i do with my writing 
it can be anything 
art to music 

i am not sure exactly when i begun to write but i am will never stop 
my first memory was like i wrote stories about twins and princess 
 then i stop until got my diagnose by 11 
needed some kinda channel to describe my feelings 
started to write dark poems how it felt 
but thats the past because i choose to embrace my condition 
its all about love now 
( well sometimes i need to challenge myself with try to write in an other genre ) 

My story

i though i would talk a little bit about how i got this condition because i wasn't born this way , which sometimes i wonder if it wouldn't be easier to be because then i wouldn't knew how to be healthy ? 

anyway , everything begun when i played at schoolyard with an friend of mine , it was early autumn and it had rain . So i fell of this climbing frame and couldn't move an inch . 

I have no idea how i got to school because of the agony and pain but one thing i am sure of , my friend didn't help me with anything - even get help ? 

It wore an long journey to make me accept myself as epileptic , to be proud to say who i am that and not care if people just gonna like me for me or feel pity for the girl in the wheelchair but now i honestly don't care , i know there are some people that have an unconditional for me and support me , got my back which makes me happy because i feel so lucky , that i found them when i needed it as most because this guys saw me for who i wore - and that is rare #2011 

but back to how i got sick , after i fell from a climbing frame , i notice that i begun to start to shake , be tired , etc and we went to the doctors for make some test which told that i got a rare form of epilepsy …

-  to make it easier to explain , its like 3 sorts of epileptic in one condition . 

This become a huge change in my life , from being popular to being irrelevant in school ( because i couldn't keep up with my friends because i needed to sleep certain times and stay away from noisy places but ) i had really hard to accept that i
could't be able to ride a bike anymore , horse riding or just go for walk by myself . Always need to be keep an on i had really hard to accept because i always been independent but now i get i just have to find an other way to freedom … 

more about this later ...


so yesterday i wore having this fit , basically an drop seizure 
where i wore falling and hitting the ground 
and the head towards the bed 
it just become some bumps 
like five bruises 
i am ok 
… didn't even have to go to hospital !


fortunately i haven't had a drop seizure for at least 3 months 
which is great 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Sound levels

I never really thought i would get myself in a helicopter 

for many reasons like i am sorta allergic against loud sounds 
but crazy enough , clubs and festivals - is ok 
because then i know 
which kinda level of music i am dealing with 
if this make sense ? 
its just when i get surprise
i loose control 
over my body
but i have some ways that i keep myself
away from all those pitching noises
that is earplugs
an vital thing in my life
they are like my lifesaver


so the day before i broke my leg 2013
i booked tickets to the musical wicked  
then i wore like not able to go 
because i wore laying in the hospital bed 
but after some rehab i finally got to see it 
it was awesome because it wore on Halloween night 
which was great because everyone was dressed up fancy 
between the staff 

Paris Portrait

when the cue to the eiffel towel was to long you have to swing it because when you only got a couple days in Paris , you want to soak up the most of that beautiful city and at Montmartre , you didn't have to cue to get at least the second lovely view ( and i don't mean me #lol ) but the stairs wore a pain in the ass thou , thank god there are nice men in Paris that helped me with the lift - but this wore back in 2011 on a school trip , i am not sure if they still exist ? 

In-Flight Travel Essentials | Zoella

For sure , something i need to study #LOL

Abba museum

I am not a person who goes to museum 
but in Stockholm , they got this awesome one 
that is dedicate to our national treasure : 

This is the only ( well , except for The Harry Potter - one ) 
what i like at most with this museum is that its so intergalactic 
like you can sing karaoke to their songs , dance , etc …
also you can watch memoria from every tour 
and sit in their helicopter ( which i do here on the picture ) 

except from Abba museum 
you can walk in to Swedish Music Hall of Fame … 

Ain't no mountain high enough

so i went on this trip in Iceland 
to see the nature and the environment 
not so accessible 
to get forward with your wheel chair 

i am not that kinda girl who let go first 
just take a deep breathe 
embrace your inner strength 
visualize something that make you strong 

- it always work for me - 

Tony Hawk

is in southbank 
and is one of my favorite places in London , is that i keep return to 
is this skatepark which basically i love for so many reasons ! 
the atmosphere because it tons of youths hanging out there 
- and i got a thing for skaters - 
i admire people that got this skill 
i could watch them skate 24 / 7  . 

the other thing i like is the graffiti 
some people don't like it but i think its pure art 

The Tourist

by the Millennium Bridge in London 
where they made Harry Potter 

St . Peter's cathedral 

East, meats, Waist

I absolute love Dubai and this hotel is one is of my favorite because i saw an Olsen Movie when i wore in my teen , when they wore wore guest at the Atlantis but in Bahamas - since that day , i always wanted to go for a visit ! Ok . I didn't went to Bahamas but there sister hotel in Dubai , must do i thought … And  yes i wore very spoiled with people that wanted to help ! Some places you know you will go back to and i bet someday in the future i will head to explore more in Dubai because it wore an really adventure place , which i love and i really got an adrenaline kick from it - instead from coffee LOL !!!


so i thought i would talk a little bit about my seizures because today i had one
but don't you worry , i am alright - no broken bones - just a really soar body !
it stills amaze me that my relatives don't show any kind of empathy of what
i am dealing with daily , their egoististic comments about that i should be in time
but what they don't seem to get is that - is them who have to be flexible with time
because my seizure come and go , and you never know when you will fall !!!

Friday, 22 April 2016


OMG . the food in Reykjavik 
is delicious 
specially the fish 
don't get me started about the water 
the best thing ever !!! 



I have been at 3 concerts with Robbie Williams , they wore all  good . He such an awesome entertainer and knows how to get a great atmosphere and people in mood , also when he talks during the concerts - his really funny and he get the audience
to singalong to his songs , the most famous is Angels which always mobile phones light up the space and it becomes really cosy . He also take up people from the crowd ( unfortunately not me )

Happy Little Pill

one thing that always been bother me is when people tell me that animal cruelty is wrong  , let me emphasize what i mean with this : i DONT mean that i like people should be doing that because violence is never the answer but when people around me take up this subject i just wanna scream because there is an reason why i am still alive and thats because of those medical testing they use to get right kinda medication for my epilepsy . In the best world , we wouldn't have to use rabbits , rats etc but so far hasn't science found an answer how you will find a cure to my condition , so what right do you got to say its cruel when you wear makeup and clothes made of leather , fur and skin …

at least i got an excuse why i do wear things and thats because of the skin I'm in !

Desert flower

So 2014 i wore in Dubai 
which was an amazing place 
sadly it wore so hot i needed my wheelchair 
i don't really care although it was really hard to get around 
in my chair in the desert 
i wouldn't recommend that 
i had an great driver that helped me 
which wore awesome 
in fact
everyone , in Dubai was really helpful and polite !


Pictures from Dubai Desert Safari 
which wore probably one of the most funniest things i done ...

Mallorca Rocks

2013 , i was at Palma in Spain and when i realize what was going on in a town near by 
… i am talking about Mallorca Rocks ! 
i got so excited because i always wanted to go there because i heard rumors 
that it would be awesome - and it wore … 

i got the opportunity to see Example which is one of my fave act . 
 i thought i wore gonna talk you through how i do 
when i am going out clubbing
basically first i am ask if the club is accessible for wheel chairs 
- i mean , i can walk but i being in crowds is not really great for me - 
but if i have to be in a crowd … 
i always take my wheel chair with me 
because then i have like a chair with me that i can sit in whenever i need 
i can also get up from it and dance 
 but the must of the clubs i visit is handicap accessible 
if they isn't , just ask the staff 
they suppose to let everyone in 
not discriminated  
nobody should be  eliminated  
from having a good time ! 

No Mediocre

so i thought i would talk a little bit some of the complication of sitting in a wheel chair while you travel , with this pitchure : Its taken at sugar leaf in Rio 2014 , which was overall an lovely day out but there wore some things that made it hard for me like there wore an gap between the platform and the cableway which made it was hard to get the wheel chair over but you now me - i am not the one that give up in by the first obstacle i get ! 

Also there wore a lot of walking and some stairs , which wore pretty hard but i am stubborn so i am use to get by , i am not one of this girls that give up ...

I like to see my life as the ultimate obstacle court and i am pretty good with getting solution to what i should do when i met a problem ! 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Stop what you doing and watch this

So i just watch this documentary ( part 1 of 2 )
really awful and i got teary eyed of seeing it
and then i realize how lucky i am
… being born in this world

Christ the redeemer

In Rio , by the famous statue and at Christ the Redeemer an foggy day which " normal " people with non - condition would probably think is
bummer but the fact is : this wheater condition fit mine better for many reasons like …

- no long cues
- not so crowded
- no sun light

the cons though …

- you do get better photo opportunity in the sun lol

you always want you cant have

So as i might mention is that i don't drink , not that i don't judge people who do or not that i don't want - intact , i really would love to take a cold beer but that is something that is out of the question for a girl like me because you don't mix alcohol with that , but don't get me wrong ! 

i think that people who drink are the coolest and maybe thats why i want to become one of them ?

My secret dream is to get real drunk and get an hungover - maybe just for one night so i know what people are talking about because i have no idea what the fuzz about

Anyway , i guess i have to settle with being drunk in love and its kinda awesome to … 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


if you wanna be outside in the nature as an epileptic 
i speak from my experience 
because thats all i know really ! 
but i would recommend that you will do that 
it such an sign of relif
when you heading out over the snow fields covers 
when a season so hard 
its great to get out on this rare adventures ...


this is in north finland 
a ski resort . 

one thing that finland is known for 
is there reindeer dish 
it might seem weird to eat Bambi
but hey at least we don't eat dogs lol 
if you ever in finland 
take the oppurtunity to try because 
its actually really great ! 

this are also an common berry 
that you shall try this ones 
which are yummy with ice-cream 
made into an cake . 

open minds

i always thought i knew myself , who i wore but i realize that i had no idea what i was dealing with ?

As i been written in earlier post is that i been kinda clueless when it comes to my condition and brush off everything people said because i didn't want accept myself as sick but then around 2011 …

i met people that made me realize that just because i got epilepsy , it doesn't make me less of an person - and they made me realize my own worth - i guess it wore all about timing and i will forever be grateful for their kindness , open hearts and minds ...

the pride

as i have talked about this condition of me is very strange . I don't really know a lot about it but i am trying to become better with learn about my illness , so i guess thats why i started this blog ? So i thought i would talk about my epilepsy , the little knowledge i know i mean and i hope you all realize i do this blog for me . there a lot of diffrent kinda epileptics , my sort is a rare on ( at least in sweden and one thing i take pride in is that i am the youngest with this condition , i am also very proud that i have went out school with really good grades because nobody in my with my condition has an done that , and i am also proud over that i wore studying in Brighton 2011 , and i am also impressive by myself and my blogging and of course all my travels #lol .


Ice Ice Baby

View over Reykjavik

By Gullfoss … 

being epileptic , i always want to prove people wrong 
kill their perceptions about me 
that i am 
just like them 
a human 
to be treated like on 
a condition

i that is the purpose
with my life ! 

Noodles for Poodles

in singapore , eating noodles probably at Bankok Jam ,which is a food chain which got stuff , really a place i would recommend , if you ever in Asia,

at bankok jam in singapore 

I choose not to use the sticks because its sorta hard when you always shaking and stuff so i eat with the knife and fork which went better , otherwise i would probably start an food fight #lol

Night life

one of my favorite places in singapore is clark quay 
where you always have an good time . 
there tons of pubs , cover bans and dj's 
if you feel like grab an bite 
you can always catch something from the restaurants by the bay … 

such a great choice of restaurant 
it was even wheel chair accessible 

The Fault In Our Stars

one of the most beautiful i been but sadly not the one wheel chair accessible

is : Amsterdam . It because of all of the culture they got but there at least one

place that you can wheel your chair - without any problems !


Russell Howard Live

 so when i wore in London 2014 i had the opportunity
to see Russell Howard at a club . It was the pre show
before he wore heading out on his tour with" Wonderbox " .
 First of all , you have to realize that when i do go abroad
 i do my research - where to go , what to see and in this case
... i wore extremely happy that i wore going to see my favorite comedian !
so i learned where he was having his stand up show for an selected crowd ( around 100 people than stand and wait in like an hour , in two cues ) the security look first at the other side but when they saw that me , who wore sitting in a wheelchair they decided to take me in and it was awesome because i was the last one that came in . The other cue , had waste their time standing in the pouring rain for nothing - so in this cases - its good to be in a wheel chair !

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Sunset Boulevard

strand promenade in Ibiza 2015
one of my favorite place in the world xo .

First Aid

seizure dog

so i thought i wore gonna talk a little bit dogs , this is my grandmas and is a labrador but i though i wore gonna talk about how dogs can help you as an epileptic , seizure dogs ! 

This dog isn't one of them but heres some information about them :  

The term "seizure dog" covers a variety of activities associated with a service dog's response to an epilepsy seizure. Some dogs have been trained to bark or otherwise alert families when a child has a seizure while playing outside or in another room. Some dogs learn to lie next to someone having a seizure to prevent injury. 

Others are said to be able to activate alarm systems. Dogs that are trained to respond in various ways when someone has a seizure are no different from service dogs for other disabilities. Public interest in seizure assistance dogs has fueled demand for dogs with these skills. 

Some people with epilepsy have found that trained seizure dogs help them with securing speedy assistance when a seizure occurs or alerting others for help. Dogs can be trained as service animals for people with seizures and the law protects a person's right to use the animal in any public place. 

A response dog might be trained to bark when a child has a seizure so that family members know what is happening. Or, a seizure dog may put its body in between the seizing individual and the floor to break the fall at the inception of a seizure. Some seizure dogs may even be trained to activate some kind of pre-programmed device such as a pedal that rings an alarm. 

The roller-coaster

Even if i seem perfectly ok with talk about my health issues - its not you that
have to bring up the topic IF , embassies on the IF i want to talk about it …
My health history is personal and why i choose to write about it here is
because i need somewhere to express myself and its not always gonna be
pretty and lovely but it REAL and if you cant handle the truth ,
this blog is probably not for you ?

Kylie Jenner Cover - why its upsetting ?

in sickness and health

i love take night promenades because the sun doesn't shine which is great for me how is oversensitive
to different lights . One of my favorite thing when i wore little was horses but sadly doesn't i ride anymore .It takes a lot of challenge for me , just to be able to walk so get up on a horse would probably
be impossible but you never know - one day maybe ? Its such an great feeling just being out in the nature and such a freedom feeling , to be able to do something for yourself even the little thing you get an feeling an independence and i don't think you realize whats taken away because you take your health for guarantee ...

Caught in the lift

so i am not really a girl who shop a lot because when i do 
i tend to get overboard of excitement so i got a rule that i stick to ! 
Save your money to sale and go abroad because then its unlikely 
that people will wear the same clothes as you do and because i 
tend to like designer clothes , the feeling that you wont show up 
in the same outfit as someone else is awesome !

but i most admit , despite my condition i am just a girl and have deep issues 
with fashion , everything is bittersweet . my heart beat for Harrods 
but it wore here i broke my feet back in 2013 in the lift but i guess their 
love spell had to be broken sometimes and my love story with Selfridges 
developed ... 

but i like the story , it sorta make everything feel fancy … 

A girl with an kick

one of the best things for an girl that got epilepsy during winter is an cosy one piece , because the fabric shelter you body from the cold and provide your body to stop shaking - or at least mine , certain 
seasons makes it worse but i have begun to see my life as an obstacle court and the way i have to handle myself to slide through the ice and walk through the snow , thats why its very important that cities take their responsible and take care of the ice during that period , not only for my sake - people that are elderly are also have problem with this is and the consequences can be severe if they don't because you might fall and break something … 

but here is one great thing that make me get around during the winter and thats an kick . 


one of the things i am suffering of as epileptic is insomnia , lack of being able to sleep regally which is
kinda important for a girl with my health issues but i have my ways to get around this problem …

i am usually feel at best when its evening or night because thats not that much sun that bother me then , and because other people are sleeping - they are not making any noise which i appreciate !

I spend my days often catch up with the sleep and some people have hard to get that this is me time , for my health so i load my energy before i can go out , hang with friends , do events , travels etc …


i write this blog to get an better understand of my
condition ...

Body image as disable

when i wore in my teen i usually felt that i wore nothing worth because of my disable .
you have no idea how many times i got falling over when i got out and clubbing but
know i just don't care , i know there are some people that do - sadly they mostly
foreign friends and for those people , i feel a ton of love but most import i feel
love for myself ….


everybody that know me , knows that my favorite author is JK Rowling so i was super excited to go here . Its sorta like one hour from London and such a magical place . Just before i was going i had read in all material about Harry Potter and i recognize props from the movies …