Thursday, 28 April 2016


well , i thought i would talk a bit about about being shy and social award as an epileptic .

its not like i wanna be outgoing and be able to talk to people but i only do that with guys

i feel comfortable with #GEORGE2011 . This by the way , has not always been my personality

i got diagnosed and i have noticed like i am open up more around a half year but sadly i had to go

back to sweden then , also it doesn't help that i am a finn an we are known for be socially awkward

until we get drunk and of course i don't drink - so i am just awkward - " sarcastically voice " great ! anyway , after my trip to England , i am more open and have found more self respect and do not let people walk over me because i know my worth now and i guess this year is so important because i learned about my health and gain acceptance , but i would like to think - potentially friends ?

- i have very hard to figure out who is a friend or who's not lol

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